Our Leadership


Professor Bradley R. Barnes, Dean, School of Business

The School of Business has experience in providing training and consulting services to corporate clients in Hong Kong. Our colleagues have been trainers to financial institutions, SMEs and government departments in the areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing. Our professors also engage actively with the business community. Many of them have consulting experience with various companies and government bureau.


Professor Scarlet H. TSO, Dean, School of Communication

Professors in the School of Communication are renowned PhD scholars from local and overseas, plus industry experts with master’s or doctorate degrees. Their expertise includes electronic / print media, financial / political journalism, law, cultural studies, digital communications, corporate public relations and crisis management, in both theory and practice.

The School is equipped with advanced teaching facilities, including a BJC TV studio and Radio Broadcasting Training Centre which are worth over ten millions. With our strong academic team and state-of-the-art facilities, students and practitioners will be trained to be leading professionals.


Professor Lawrence C.K LEUNG, Dean, School of Decision Sciences

The School of Decision Sciences consists of three departments, namely Computing, Mathematics and Statistics, and Supply Chain and Information Management. Most of our colleagues are Doctorate degree holders, with rich teaching, industry and consultancy experiences.

To meet Hong Kong’s needs, our School aims to nurture talents in:

  • Actuarial studies and insurance;
  • Applied and human-centred computing;
  • Data science and business intelligence;
  • Management science and information management; and
  • Supply chain management

All undergraduate programmes of our School are supported under Hong Kong’s Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP).

We promote and conduct impactful research and related activities with industry, bringing insights on current and contemporary issues in the region.  The School has established the Policy Research Institute of Global Supply Chain, Deep Learning Research and Application Centre, Virtual Reality and Data Analytic Laboratory, and Statistics Consultancy Unit.

Our School maintains very good relationship with industry and will continue to strengthen stronger connections with industrial partners in teaching, research and professional validation.


Professor Gilbert C. F. FONG, Provost & Dean, School of Translation

The School of Translation has a total of 14 full time and part time teachers. All of them are seasoned and experienced academics and translators.

The School of Translation has four focus areas of development and expertise:

  1. Business and Commercial translation. This includes translation of business correspondences, documents and IPO prospectuses.
  2. Interpreting. We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. We have a state-of-the-art conference room which features 6 United Nation Standard Interpreter Booths. Besides that, we have two other purpose-built and well-equipped interpreting laboratories for training.
  3. Business Law Translation. This is a highly professional area which is very essential for every business. The School is also offering a Business Law Translation master’s degree in September 2016, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.
  4. Computer-aided/ Machine Translation. Computer Translation has become a hot discipline in translation studies. Businesses can benefit a great deal from using computers in their day-to-day translation work. In our School, we have been doing studies in combining computer with business for application in IPO translation, Annual Reports and other commonly used documents.

Our professors and staff are highly trained and experienced professionals. We are ready to offer our assistance and benefit the community with our knowledge and expertise.


Professor Kwok-kan Tam, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science

The School of Humanities and Social Science currently comprises three departments, namely Chinese, English and Social Science. It offers four degree programmes:

  1. BA (Hons) in Chinese;
  2. BA (Hons) in English;
  3. BA (Hons) in Cultural and Creative Industries; and
  4. BSS (Hons) in Asian Studies

In addition, the School is responsible for offering university-wide courses in Chinese language, English language and General Education.

The School has expertise in language education, intercultural communication, literature, drama, film, creative writing, philosophy, religion, cultural studies, cultural management, political science, heritage studies, and social and policy studies. Our course offerings are closely related to the language professions, literary and performance studies, education, cultural industries, and policy studies. Many of our staff teaching major programmes are world renowned scholars who have made outstanding contributions to their fields of specialization. They are also engaged in public services locally and internationally.

We welcome opportunities of collaboration with the industry, and we provide consultancy to various organizations in the public sector.


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