Mr Fletcher Ng

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Fletcher Ng

Mr Fletcher Ng is currently the Honorary Guest Lecturer of HSUHK-EDC and the Vice President of IT Committee of Invotech Hong Kong Limited, a non-profit do-tank helping to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation across Hong Kong. Besides, he is also helping companies with digital and change transformation through Cloud innovations.

Mr Fletcher Ng is an ex-CIO and IT Director for International listed MNCs like L’Occitane, Remy Cointreau, Maclaren and Midland Realty.

Mr Ng has strong knowledge across multiple IT disciplines and industries – both traditional and digital. He is an expert in Digital transformation and how to migrate legacy environments and with a strong background in retail, wholesale and distribution operations having built up automated end-to-end supply chains across Asia Pacific and global B2B/B2C systems in Europe and USA. He has great business acumen and transferrable industry knowledge to compliment his technical skills.

Mr Fletcher Ng is a popular mentor, corporate facilitator, speaker and panelist. He engages with institutions such as  the  Government, Cyberport and HKSTP  to  discuss  on  current  issues  and  how  Cloud  technologies, innovation  and  technologies  such  as  AI,  Blockchains  and  Big  Data Analytics can help in this innovation journey. 

Mr Ng holds a B(Eng) Honours Engineering degree from Coventry University.

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