Leadership in Action V – “Action leaders – Align Company Actions with Strategic Direction”

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Course Code: EDC16111801

~Covers how 5Es and the Essence of Change Leadership to Aging Corporations and New Set Up~

Course Overview:

Super brands such as Kodak and Nokia failed as they are incapable of facing market challenges and responding quickly to changes. As CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in our environment, organisations and business enterprises have been implementing CHANGE or creating ORGANISATION STRUCTURE timely so as to stay competitive, compatible and be ahead of other peers from time to time.

Executives in the leadership role are obliged to enhance the long-term viability through wealth creation, continuous growth and expansion; while achieving a healthy financial status in the short term. To accomplish such tasks effectively, leaders have to express to their followers a clear vision and maintain relatively smooth day-to-day operations. Steering your corporations in the right strategic direction requires Action Leaders to respond and react not only promptly but innovatively in a sustainable manner.

To this end, leadership takes not just talk, but also action and results!

This course will adopt an interactive approach linking both real-life cases and key theories. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with highly practical skills and will be more confident in taking proactive actions to tackle challenging issues and initiatives.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will obtain a “Certificate of Attendance”.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn to face challenges of today’s world and better equipped with:

  • A change management mindset;
  • Entrepreneurship spirits;
  • Sustainable development mentalities;
  • Ability to lead in a crisis and turn it to business growth opportunities;
  • Highly practical leadership skills facilitating effective management of working partners, teams and stakeholders; and
  • Essential skills to lead followers and subordinates to collaborate effectively.

Target Participants:

  • Business owners, startup entrepreneurs, senior executives in key management or leadership positions in their organizations.
  • Particularly suitable for executives who need to lead projects or drive changes for their organizations

Date & Time:

18 November 2016 (Friday)

1:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Programme Schedule:

1:30 pm  – 4:00 pm   Action leaders (I)       

– By Dr. Victor Ng, Senior VP of Global Top 5 Bank & Adjunct Associate Professor 

4:00 pm –  4:30 pm Tea Break
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Action leaders (II)          

 –  By Mr. Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Holdings Limited

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Action leaders (III)         

 –  By Dr. Shirley Yeung, Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations of Hang Seng Management College (HSMC)

Course Synopsis:

The course will be most beneficial for those who have had certain formal leadership and management experiences and would like to sharpen their skills and knowledge to tackle the issues that are challenging their future leadership roles.

Dr. Shirley Yeung will show you not only the essence of equipping sustainable development mindsets and entrepreneurial spirits for innovations via application of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to keep you abreast of the times, but getting ahead and sustain your business among competitors.

Mr. Sunny Cheung will share with you his work experiences at DBS and Octopus in turning the business crisis to growing opportunities as well as leadership skills to get cooperation and action promptly.

Dr. Victor Ng will show you how banking industry evolves with strategic alignment to stay competitive plus his practical tools (5Es in Leadership-in-Action Model) to implement strategic initiatives for success. 

Medium of Instruction:

Cantonese supplemented with English

Trainer Biography:


Dr. Shirley Yeung is now the Assistant Professor of Department of Supply Chain and Information Management of Hang Seng Management College. She is the Conference Chair for International Conference on Sustainable Development in Higher Education 2016 and UNPRME Colloquium, 2016, Hong Kong and serves as Director of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations at Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong.  

In 2016, Dr Yeung was nominated as Local Change Leader of United Nations. She is an IEMA approved Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner, IRCA ISO 9000 Auditor (UK), AQIP Assessor (US) and HKCAAVQ Subject Specialist (Hong Kong). Dr. Yeung has been convener of the 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education (UNESCO, APEID) and chair of the 2nd International Conference on Supply Chain for Sustainability, (Hong Kong). Her research interests include quality management system (QMS), sustainable development (SD) / corporate social responsibility (CSR), management and marketing.


Mr. Sunny Cheung re-joined as Chief Executive Officer of the Octopus group of companies effective 2 January 2015. He had been the Chief Executive Officer of the Octopus Group since January 2011 until his retirement in March 2014.

Mr Cheung has over 40 years’ experience in retail banking and payments. Prior to joining Octopus in 2011, he was the Country Manager of Visa International for Hong Kong and Macau.He also held senior management positions with several financial institutions, including Managing Director and Head of Greater China Consumer Banking at DBS, General Manager of Consumer Banking at Dao Heng Bank and General Manager of Citibank card business in Hong Kong. 


Dr. Victor Ng is currently a Senior Vice President and Division Head of Banking Administration of of a global top 5 banks He is responsible to oversee the strategic initiatives like M&As, integrations and branch network expansion of the Bank. Since September 2006, Dr. Ng was appointed as the Executive to oversee the merger and acquisitions for a fewbanks and financial institutions. Subsequent to closing of the respective M&A deals, Dr. Ng assumed the Integration Executive role to integrate these individual corporations into one giant consolidated entity.

Dr. Ng started his career in banking as a Management Trainee in Sun Hong Kai Bank Ltd in 1981 (currently known as Fubon Bank (HK) Ltd). In October 1987, he joined “Security Pacific Asian Bank”, the predecessor to Bank of America (Asia) Bank as the Business Development Manager while being appointed as Head of the Consumer Business Center, the BA Tower Banking Center and the Centralized Consumer Credit Processing Department. Dr. Ng was also Residential Mortgage Product Manager and Mortgage Securitization Manager of the Bank.

Dr. Ng graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and Master of Business Administration from the University of East Asia in Macau. He is also a professional graduate of Retail Bank Management of USA Consumer Bankers Association’s Graduate School at the University of Virginia, USA. Dr. Ng obtained his DBA with distinction Honor and was bestowed the Scholastic Award in 2013. Currently, he is an adjunct professor of a local University in Hong Kong teaching Part-time Master programs in China.


Hang Seng Management College campus

Course Fee:

HK$1980 (Refreshments are included)

Early Bird Registration -
Two weeks before commencement of the course
HSMC/HSSC alumni*, Friends of EDC-Corporate^ or Friends of EDC-Individual can enjoy 25% discountHKD $1485
Other applicants can enjoy 20% discountHKD $1584
After Early Bird RegistrationHSMC/HSSC alumni*, Friends of EDC-Corporate^ or Friends of EDC-Individual can enjoy 20% discountHKD $1584
Other applicants can enjoy 10% discountHKD $1782

*Hang Seng Management College / Hang Seng School of Commerce.

^Please refer to EDC website for a list of organisations under “Friends of EDC-Corporate”

Remarks: Each participant can enjoy only one discount offer.

Payment Method:

We accept payment by cheque or by bank transfer. For details, please refer to the payment information.

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Upon successful completion of above 4 courses of the Leadership in Action series, participants will obtain a Certificate in “Leadership in Action”.*

*Excluding Leadership in Action 1

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