Leadership in Action III – “Servant Leadership – Leadership with Heart”

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Course Code: EDC16102801

~Covers how Leaders should act like a Servant and the impact of Caring Leaders~

Course Overview:

Described as “Presumably the Best Leadership in the World” by the HR Magazine (March 2008 Edition), the leadership philosophy of Mr. Sunny Wong, Carlsberg’s 1st Chinese Country CEO, varies greatly from many other “Leadership by Heart” programmes in the way that he puts huge focus on the “Serving People” mind-set or simply the “Lead by Serve” principle from the very outset.

With 30 years’ experience in leading global businesses through various triumphant journeys of China market, Sunny will lead you through many of his real-life-case stories, from Rejuvenation of Beer Promotion Girl, “Live or Die” Case of Xinjiang Riot…, to Rugby Seven Sponsorship, Sichuan Earthquake Crisis etc, with bountiful group discussion in a bid to find out the DNA of a True Leader with the audience!

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will obtain a “Certificate of attendance”.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, the participants will

  • Gain insight into the challenges of leadership across diverse organizational cultures and practices as well as importance of “Serving People” mind-set for effective leadership faced with such challenges;
  • Master the “Lead by Serve” principle and its incredible power in influencing and motivating people around you;
  • Learn effective tactics to connect, influence, motivate, lead people around you with a basic principle of serving them.

Target Participants:

  • Business owners, startup entrepreneurs, senior executives in key management or leadership positions in their organizations
  • Particularly suitable for executives who need to lead projects or drive changes for their organizations

Date & Time:

28 October 2016 (Friday)

1:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Medium of Instruction:

Cantonese supplemented with English

Course Outlines:

A. The Servant Mindset always Helps – Cases in the Early Days of Sunny’s Career

  • Turning Impossible to Possible – a Successful Business Case of Sanyo in China
  • Not as Sample as a Project – the Rugby 7 Sponsorship in Hong Kong

B. Management Cases which Made Changes

  • Every Body could become a Leader if the Mindset is Properly Set – the Rejuvenation of a Beer Promotion Girl
  • Caring with Heart may Change the World – the Acquisition Project in Yunnan Province
  • Turning the Problems into Opportunities with Mind of Empathy and Stewardship – the Handling of Crisis stemming from the Sichuan Earthquake
  • Creating Super Team Spirit through Participation and Healing – the Live or Die Case during the Riot in Xinjiang
  • Being a Leader Who Takes Up the Disgusting Frontline Work Instead of Simply Delegation during Crisis – the Handling of the Pollution Case in Chongqing
  • Can We really Love our Enemies? Studying a Case of Conflict Management

C. The DNA of a Leader

  • Through the group discussion on the above mentioned cases, Sunny will guide the audience to go through the key traits of a true leader.

Trainer Biography:


Mr. Sunny Wong is the Executive Director of Tibet Water Resources Ltd., a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He had been Chairman of Carlsberg Greater China and then senior advisor to Carlsberg Asia during September 2011 to November 2014.

Apart from the role as Chairman and CEO during the period from 2006 to 2014, Mr. Wong was also the chief of the M&A team. He set the strategic M&A plan for Carlsberg’s long-term development in China and led a team from identifying potential targets, negotiation, closing of deals to post-acquisition activities. The team has since 2002 successfully acquired 59 breweries in twelve provinces in China and increased the production plants from 1 to 60, with a total workforce up to 15,000.

Mr. Wong has a strong and successful background of more than 30 years’ experience in the China FMCG industry, of which more than 25 years’ experience was spent on the China beer market, for top international companies Carlsberg and Bass Brewers.

Mr. Wong graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 1978 and received his MBA degree from Bath University, UK in 2001. Mr. Wong has been actively delivering talks on various topics to the government, business institutions and universities.


Hang Seng Management College campus

Course Fee:

HK$1980 (Refreshment is included)

Early Bird Registration -
Two weeks before commencement of the course
HSMC/HSSC alumni*, Friends of EDC-Corporate^ or Friends of EDC-Individual can enjoy 25% discountHKD $1485
Other applicants can enjoy 20% discountHKD $1584
After Early Bird RegistrationHSMC/HSSC alumni*, Friends of EDC-Corporate^ or Friends of EDC-Individual can enjoy 20% discountHKD $1584
Other applicants can enjoy 10% discountHKD $1782

*Hang Seng Management College / Hang Seng School of Commerce.

^Please refer to EDC website for a list of organisations under “Friends of EDC-Corporate”

Remarks: Each participant can enjoy only one discount offer.

Payment Method:

We accept payment by cheque or by bank transfer. For details, please refer to the payment information.

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Upon successful completion of above 4 courses of the Leadership in Action series, participants will obtain a Certificate in “Leadership in Action”.*

*Excluding Leadership in Action 1

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