Innovation and Creative Thinking for e-Marketing I

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Course Code: EDC16101401

Course Overview:

This is not another digital marketing course. This is a course for CEOs, CTOs and CMOs who feel that if they do not take on a different approach now, their businesses or jobs will become irrelevant very soon. Technology disruption is inevitable. Corporates around the world are trying to create their versions of “innovation teams” and their own “innovative product”. If you google “what is the trend of marketing”, “growth hacker” will come up top of the list, yet the position requires an engineering degree to apply.

This course is for business leaders, who are hungry for growth like startups, aiming at a 200% year-on-year growth; who have the courage to reinvent their businesses to disrupt the market like Uber or Airbnb; who do not just embrace technology but understand the need to become a technology company. All these will only be made possible when the business talents join force with the technical talents in the organization. Hence, the goal of this course is to empower Marketing experts and IT experts to appreciate each other’s roles in this technology transformation and start to create a new product together to sustain their company’s growth.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will obtain a Certificate of attendance in “Innovation and Creative Thinking for e-Marketing”.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn to re-examine their existing unfair advantages and leverage them into scaling business growth.
  • Participants will learn the mental exercises and tools that help coming up with product ideas that customers actually want.
  • Participants will experience first-hand the power of drawing and different business visualization frameworks to facilitate communication between the Marketing team and the IT team.
  • Participants will be able to grasp the key milestones of a development project, learn the basics to draft project requirements to vendors, and the checkpoints to ensure innovation projects to be delivered on time and with quality.
  • Participants will be able to draw flowcharts and diagrams that turn ideas into something both Marketing and IT can work on.
  • Participants will appreciate the power of growth hacking and learn the concept of minimal viable product (MVP) and tools to rapid prototyping.

Target Participants:

Business leaders, Marketing experts and IT experts who need a different approach to sustain their company’s growth

Date & Time:

23 September 2016 (Friday)

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Medium of Instruction:

Cantonese supplemented with English (Course materials in English)

Course Outline:

Day 1 Creative Idea & Product Development

The Mindset of Disruption and the Chasers of Growth

  • Learn from the secrets to startup success. 
  • How big corps are catching up with their innovation teams. 
  • To imagine what progress the future will bring and you must be able to view the present differently. 
  • Be the architect of your business, with technology as your tool.
  • Your apps will never sell themselves; it takes both IT and Marketing to do it. 

Design Thinking and Ideation

  • Innovation agency IDEO’s approach to business reinvention.
  • Take an integrative approach to project.
  • Revolutionary design solutions stem from observations and let consumers take the lead.
  • Appreciate prototyping, the fastest way to get your idea out.
  • Use storytelling to make ideas and products more relatable to consumers.
  • Always ask “why?” and is always ready to ship, i.e. launch the ideas to the masses.
  • A successful product always creates impacts by encouraging consumers to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Visualization of a product idea and the user story

  • What is Quick MVP (Minimal viable product)?
  • Exercise: Translate empathetic understandings into solution designs that consumers care via Back of the Napkin methodology – the power of user flow.
  • Exercise: Product-market fit design by Value Proposition Map methodology.
  • Exercise: Operation and resources planning by Business Model Canvas framework.

Trainer Biography:


Ms. Jacqueline Chong is the chief strategy officer, technical marketer and key spokesperson for Green Tomato Ltd. and GTGroup Startups. She is responsible to ensure success of the company, from marketing to talents management, and everything that leads to the growth of GTGroup. In her last role of Chief Marketing Officer, she was responsible for growing GreenTomato’s projects and products to audience around the world. She holds her master’s degree from the University of Warwick in Creative and Media Enterprises. She played business development and marketing roles at and Macmillan Publishers. She also participates in the judging of Hong Kong ICT Awards. 


Hang Seng Managment College campus

Course Fee:

HK $3800 for entire course (2 Days)

HK $1980 for selective course (1 Day)

(Lunch and refreshments are included)

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*Hang Seng Management College / Hang Seng School of Commerce.

^Please refer to EDC website for a list of organisations under “Friends of EDC-Corporate”

Remarks: Each participant cannot enjoy more than one discount offer simultaneously.

Payment Method:

We accept payment by cheque or by bank transfer. For details, please refer to the payment information.  

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