E-Marketing – from mobile O2O to e-Crowdsourcing

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Course Code: EDC16052401

A “new 360° interactive game” of PERFORMANCE & RETURN!!

Course Overview:

Today, marketers are facing unprecedented challenges internally and externally in the era of e-transformation.

  • Why is the Conversion Rate so low? Show me the sales!
  • What’s Mobilegeddon? What’s App Indexing
  • Really worthwhile to make such huge efforts for O2O?
  • Content is king but it’s too expensive! Could we make it “free”??
  • How “long” should we invest in Facebook ads??

The course will adopt a “HOLISTIC BUT HIGHLY FOCUSED” approach to introduce emerging e-marketing model and more importantly their “KEY LEVERAGES” for marketers. Lots of cases and demonstrations will be used to help not only effective illustration but also catalyzing e-Creativity!

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will obtain a “Certificate of attendance”.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Good understanding of emerging e-marketing models and their “KEY LEVERAGES” for marketers.
  • Enhanced competency in spearheading e-marketing initiatives in a “STRATEGIC & HOLISTIC APPROACH”.

Target Participants:

Senior executives and marketing professionals who want a “Quick Grasp” of emerging e-marketing models to enhance their capabilities to spearhead e-marketing initiatives of their companies or for personal career advancement in the era of e-transformation.

Date & Time:

24 May 2016 (Tuesday)

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Medium of Instruction:

Cantonese supplemented with English (Course materials in English)

Course Outline:

Session (1) — e-Marketing, a new 360° interactive game!

  • WHYs and HOWs
  • When customers start paying online
  • Website, make sure it’s a “LIVING Digital Asset”!!
  • The blurring boundaries among different industry sectors
  • e-Partnerships, cannot win by yourself anymore

Session (2) — Mobile, from O2O to Internet Plus

  • Mobile, facilitating 4 RIGHTs of marketing
  • O2O, the true marriage of click and brick
  • WeChat Payment or WeChat Bonus?
  • Bringing customer experience to new heights
  • Still needs a “Desktop Version” with Google’s Mobilegeddon??

Session (3) — Social networks, the powerful Viral and Crowd

  • Sell through like Viral
  • The “Super Powerful” customers
  • User Generated Contents Plus (UGC+)
  • Mass Entrepreneurship & Innovation (大眾創業、萬眾創新)
  • Opinion leadership, a new Blue Ocean for middleman??

Session (4) — New perspectives for e-Traditionals

  • Search Engine 1: SEM from Google to “Vertical” ones
  • Search Engine 2: the myth of SEO
  • Targeting is getting smart
  • e-Creativity, no more boring ads!
  • Trigger, Trigger, Trigger!! 

Trainer Biography:


Mr. Kelvin Lam is an e-business strategist & executive trainer who held senior management positions across e-commerce, IT (CRM / loyalty marketing / e-payment), travel, card & retail sectors with more than 15 years of solid industry experience. Kelvin’s expertise include business modeling, strategic marketing, project management, client consultancy and executive training etc., with track records in large-scale “e-startup” projects e.g. loyalty marketing & e-cash platform developed with a payment card organization in China, loyalty solutions for a leading mobile operator in Shenzhen, travel / lifestyle membership card project for China’s largest travel group, e-commerce project for a HK-Macao ferry operator etc. 

Mr. Lam owns a Master of Science degree in Electronic Commerce & Internet Computing (HKU) and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (OUHK). Leveraging excellent proximity to market. Mr. Lam enjoys sharing experiences and insights through client certificate courses / training sessions and university lectures. 


Hang Seng Managment College campus

Course Fee:

HK$3800 (Lunch and refreshments are included)

Contact Us:

3963 5098 / 3963 5081





N402, N Block N, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, N.t., Hong Kong